The reasons for the emergence of weevils in the house

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The reasons for the emergence of weevils in the house

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The appearance of weevils in the house
The weevil insect is an annoying insect, which causes a person to shiver when its name is mentioned, and it is usually found in places where flour, rice, cornmeal and other grains are found in the house, as the main reason behind its appearance is the presence of its eggs inside these grains, as the insect The ripened ones make holes inside the grains of rice, wheat and other grains

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Then lay the eggs and close until the eggs mature, hatch into a larva, then feed on the flesh inside until it grows and makes its way outside, to bond with other of these female insects, which leads to the occurrence of reproduction, and the weevil insect may come from canned foods , Coming from outside to settle between stored food and multiply

How to get rid of mites naturally
Weevils are usually eliminated using insecticides, but natural methods can be used by following several simple steps, as follows: Seal flour containers and grains, or place them in sealed plastic bags. Putting any foods in which weevils are found in the refrigerator, or freezing them for several days, as the weevils do not coexist with low temperatures, which leads to their death.

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Get rid of foods that contain weevils, to avoid transferring the mites to the foods next to them. Maintaining the cleanliness of the house and floors, through constant and constant sweeping of any crumbs and particles that may bring insects to them. Close any possible cracks that may get caught in food. Hanging a number of black pepper bags, in the cereal cabinets; Because its smell is considered one of the repulsive odors of licorice. Kill any mites you see, or dispose of them outside the home.

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Tips for preventing licorice
Here are a number of tips to help avoid the presence of weevils in the home: Store the pills in insect-repelling plastic containers. Clean up grain and food containers before refilling them. Store bird seed and pet food away from other foods.

Not to buy foods with an expired period. Not to buy large quantities of food. Keep food storage areas dry, clean, and free of any crumbs or moisture.